We raise the barre to produce the best results for your body!

So, what’s the story on Tracey and Lizz and how BodyFit came to be?

You might be wondering how Lizz Hill, co-owner of BodyFit, grew to be such an advocate of the Fitbarre method and what her background is. Would you believe she was dancing since she could walk? And competing on a national stage by age 10? She went from being captain of her high school dance team to choreographing and coaching on a professional level. She has even choreographed routines for the Grand Rapids Rampage dance team. When she stumbled on the barre technique, she found the perfect blend of dance and fitness. Lizz exclaims, “I could do this for the rest of my life.” Who wouldn’t want to take a class from someone with that level of enthusiasm?

Lizz worked hard to get to this point. She studied the barre method for two years. She trained with Carrie, Pure Barre’s creator, and Tanya who created the craze known as Physique57. Many celebrities and famous athletes use these methods. Once Lizz became certified in Pure Barre, she didn’t stop there (although, you’d think most people would have). Lizz challenged herself to become a certified Pilates reformer instructor.

So, then how did Northville end up with this amazing studio?

Tracey Carlson was the original co-owner of this studio with Carrie Rezabek when its focus was the Pure Barre technique. Back then Lizz was the director of Pure Barre and gave lessons in this method at the Birmingham location. When Carrie decided to test her wings in California, Lizz saw a ripe opportunity to bring her exclusive Fitbarre style to Northville and to partner with Tracey. She says she “knew that women on the west side of Detroit deserved to see the amazing results that our technique produces.” As a Northville resident who’s not interested in driving 45 minutes for an hourlong class, I liked what these ladies were planning!

Tracey thought Northville offered the perfect demographic. At the time there were no barre classes in proximity. The city has always had an inviting downtown area and its residents possess a welcoming hometown attitude. Most importantly, Lizz wanted to share her passion. She is addicted to the classes, saying, “It offers a small intimate experience to really focus on each client and her body and specific results, as opposed to a big gym where each person is just a number, wandering from machine to machine with no plan.”

BodyFit really works.

Tracey is confident that BodyFit is making a noticeable difference in people’s lives. She says, “People leave our studio feeling good, well they are sore, but they feel good … physically, mentally, and emotionally.” She’s proud that the BodyFit instructors are patient and kind. Participants come to class feeling welcome and, more importantly, feeling capable. The instructors work with you to guide your alignment and your moves to achieve the specific results that you desire.

There are many challenges and fears when you open your own studio. Will people try it? Will they like it? Will we be able to pay our bills? Lizz and Tracey are happy that so far everything is going well. Tracey knows it’s a constant balancing act when considering prices, schedules, and products. The most rewarding part though is the customers. Lizz says her expectations have been exceeded by the overwhelming support of our loyal clients, “hearing not only how much they enjoy our studio, but how we have changed their lives too!”

If you’ve been curious about what to expect at BodyFit, hopefully you know a little bit more. Keep in mind, though, that reading about the experience isn’t an adequate substitute. And if you’re finally looking for just one more, extra, teeny tiny reason to try it … Tracey says Fitbarre does wonders for your sex life. If you have a hard time believing that, there’s only one way to find out!


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