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Lauren: An instructor’s perspective

It’s easy to approach fitbarre classes as a participant. It’s a bit harder to see what a class is like from an instructor’s point of view. If we feel tortured holding a pose for what seems like actual days, do we know why? Leading a class can be a complex assignment. There are a lot of skills involved with coordinating an hour of fitbarre. The instructors need to consider timing, equally working both sides of the body, appropriate music selections, varying fitness levels of the participants, and so many other aspects. To understand their perspective, I talked with Lauren Giordano to see what she had to say about her fitbarre teaching experience.

Lauren teaches fitbarre on Thursday nights. She also subs for others when she’s needed and occasionally fills in for bootcamp classes. If you’re thinking you must be fairly talented to lead fitbarre classes and bootcamp you are right. They are very different exercise methods but she guides both with ease. This is because she has a strong fitness background.

Lauren graduated from Alma College in 2004 with a degree in dance and a degree in exercise and health science. She was certified in 2005 as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise. Striving to stay up to date, she obtains continuing education credits through IDEA fitness conferences and YogaFit certifications. Currently she holds both level 1 and level 2 YogaFit certifications. Her full-time job sounds intense. She is a fitness professional, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor through Health Fitness Corporation, and she works out of the Chrysler headquarters. In addition to teaching classes and offering personal training, she does fitness testing, new member orientations, and metabolism appointments.

Lauren tried a Pure Barre class once and loved it. So she sought out Lizz with the hope of getting involved with the BodyFit studio. She says that the barre method is a fusion of everything she loves. Teaching these classes provides her the perfect opportunity to fulfill her love of dance, while emphasizing the fitness benefits of many common ballet-type poses and core-based postures and exercises.

One of Lauren’s challenges is finding the right balance in terms of class timing. She knows form is integral and small body corrections can have major impacts. However, if she spends too much time with one person, she leaves the rest of the class repeating a motion for a seemingly long length of time. Then there is the opposite issue. If she leads a sequence of movements too quickly, participants never reach that lovely peak of ultimate burning and shaking. I’m guessing that this desire to achieve the perfect balance stems from her drive to always lead a class that everyone finds effective. As someone who has attended a few of her fitbarre classes (and one of her bootcamp classes), I have always been challenged. And I have always finished class with a deep sense of satisfaction. I applaud her willingness to always raise her own personal “barre” when it comes to making class a success.

It’s wonderful to be able to come to a studio where so many of the instructors feel positive about what they do. This seems to be true for all of the classes I have experienced. Lauren is no exception. She enjoys all the instructors and the clients and the techniques that are fundamental to the fitbarre method. She also has the bonus of teaching mostly women after being with a lot of men at Chrysler. Although, that could be good or bad depending on your perspective!

If you haven’t taken one of Lauren’s classes, stop in at 5:30 p.m. or 6:45 p.m. on Thursday nights! Don’t be shy if you’re new to the studio. I took my first class with Lauren and she helped to ease the intimidation factor. Now, I can’t wait to come back!

Check on the blog in the future. We hope to profile more instructors and hopefully participants too! If you feel you have a story to share, send us an email. You can address it to info_at_ bodyfitmi_dot_com.


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