We raise the barre to produce the best results for your body!

Invigorate your body with fitbarre cardio!

Imagine you’re in the fitbarre studio. The music is pulsating with a repetitive beat and catchy lyrics. The scene is easily recognizable. You’re lined up at the barre but the instructor is guiding you through faster movements than usual. Hopping quickly from a right to a left lunge, she’s reminding you to “Switch. Switch. Switch.” This is the warm-up and your thighs are waking from their sluggish day of sitting at the office or in the car. Your heart rate is rising, your breath is fast, and your hairline pricks with sweat. You are instructed to perform many familiar ballet-type movements, but there’s something different about the pace of this particular class. This is what fitbarre cardio looks like.

The differences between fitbarre and fitbarre cardio

In comparison to a normal fitbarre class, this one offers a greater chance to get your heart pumping, hence the “cardio” part of the name. This is done through low-impact movements that raise your aerobic threshold so that your heart rate rises and you stay moving for longer periods. Subsequently, you might find yourself sweating a bit more than you would in the regular fitbarre class. The instructors use less weight work and less stretching— the goal is not allowing your heart rate to lower. A normal fitbarre class is comprised of interval training where your heart rate rises but then slows back down during stretches. A cardio class will focus on the entire body as in a fitbarre class, including arms, thighs, seat, and abs, but will combine all of these groups throughout the hour and work them to exhaustion. After the cardio and barre work, you can still expect a penetrating, focused abs section, followed by relaxing stretches to complete the cool down section.

If you haven’t tried a cardio class yet, don’t be shy!

Keep in mind that this cardio work is low impact. You won’t jump over cones or jog around the building as you would in one of Bev’s bootcamp classes. The footwork isn’t challenging. However, it’s quicker than in the fitbarre classes. You might feel like you’re a dancer in a music video when everyone is in sync, but you don’t need to worry about following complicated choreography. You will raise your arms above your heart more often. This keeps your heart rate up and helps to tone your upper body. As with every class at the BodyFit studio, the instructors keep an eye on everyone to make sure they have proper form. They are gentle in their corrections and generous with their praise. They share a goal of making sure you get the most out of your hour. The goal of fitbarre cardio is maximum fat burning and you will achieve that.

Lizz teaches fitbarre cardio at 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Carly teaches at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.

A person’s health can be judged by which she takes two at a time—pills or stairs. ~Joan Welsh


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