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The ladies are loving on Lululemon

When it comes to deciding what apparel to carry at BodyFit, Tracey and Lizz make their decisions based on feedback from customers. Most of the customers are also participants in the fitbarre and bootcamp classes, so they know what they like and dislike. What they like most turns out to be black Lululemon pants. Depending on your perspective, you ladies are either very boring or very consistent. But let’s face it; nothing hides sweat like a well-made pair of black pants!

Your opinion really does matter to these co-owners. In fact they are willing to work with you and even make special orders on occasion. If it turns out that a new style or brand of clothing isn’t popular with the shoppers, then they usually discontinue carrying it. On the other hand, if something works, they stick with it. Lululemon is consistently the most popular brand sold in the store. It is the one that is always in stock as well.

Lululemon is popular because it lasts. The people who work at the company do a lot of research on their products: Does the item hold up? Is it simple to wash and care for? Are these items cute and fresh compared to the competitors’ product offerings? This company has done their investigations and they know what people want. Tracy says, “Hands down, it is the best fitness apparel out there. You can even wash AND dry the pants without fading and pilling—just don’t use softener! From the wicking, to the (back side) flattering fit, you just can’t go wrong with Lulu!”

If you are a fan of this brand, you can expect to see new apparel every month or every other month. If you like to experiment with other brands, BodyFit has recently introduced inPhorm and Splits59. I saw a Splits59 burgundy racerback tank in the store and it might have been the softest top I had ever felt! Also worth noting is that Splits59 apparel is all made in the U.S.A. InPhorm prides itself on its eco-friendly clothing made at environmentally friendly facilities. For example, it has solar powerd sewing machines. Lizz and Tracey try to keep the stock fresh and they like to carry different brands so they can cater to the varying budgets that we all have.

Are you curious about those exersocks? They are recommended for the grip on the bottom of the sock. This allows for more traction on the carpet in the studio and prevents slipping, allowing you more control over your movements and less possibility of injury. I have not tried them yet. If you are someone who always wears these, leave a comment and let us know why you won’t go back to bare feet. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always, Tracey and Lizz are open to your suggestions. They aim to make their clients happy. If there is a product you’d like to see in the store, let them know!

Keep checking back for more updates and don’t miss BodyFit’s holiday sales!


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