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I can see spring in the distance

February is finally here! We have a weather forecast showing day-time highs above the freezing mark. The holidays are firmly behind us. Plop a little singing robin outside my window and all signs will be pointing toward spring (and spring break!).

This is a good time of year to check in with your work out goals. Perhaps, you didn’t exercise as much as you said you would at the start of the year. Maybe you said you’d cut down the desserts after Christmas but somehow they keep showing up on your plate. Or, if you’re like me, you think about your pale, unshaved legs and just can’t imagine that you’ll be baring more skin in the recent future. You will though. Spring is inevitable, and summer is close on its heels.

Let’s keep in mind that working out isn’t solely about vanity. We love when our legs look toned as they peak from under a skirt. It’s confidence boosting when we slip on that halter top and feel happy about our triceps. But the big picture to focus on is health. It’s quality of life. It’s being able to keep up with your kids. Walking two flights of stairs when you’re 60. Being able to tie your shoes without having to sit on a bench.

Fitbarre is a terrific way to work on your muscle toning and your flexibility. Planks tone your abs so you feel sassy in a two-piece bathing suit. They also help whittle your middle. Research says that excess belly fat can contribute to more health problems for women, even when they are of normal weight. This is something to consider when you’re cursing the next plank moves as your shoulders and stomach muscles are shuddering. We exercise because we need to. We want to push the idea of an early death as far away as possible. This is your life. Claim it with fierce determination. Sure, looking good in a bikini is a wonderful achievement, but nothing beats the immeasurable value of a body that functions like a well-oiled machine. If spring break is your motivation, that’s a great start. But stick with it!

If you’ve been putting off a class lately, come tonight. If you only made it once last week, aim for two classes this week. If you want to change up your routine, sign up for a month of bootcamp. If you’re wondering what boot camp is all about, stay tuned for the next post. I’ll be talking with Bev. She is a fitness dynamo and she’s got some great ideas to keep you healthy and keep you moving!


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