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Friday night fitbarre

Typically, the fitbarre class at 6:00 on Friday night has only a few ladies attending. Why is attendance lower on Friday nights than the other days of the week? It can’t be due to the instructors. Lizz and Carly rotate teaching this session, and they’re both fitbarre enthusiasts. If you can manage to squeeze an hour of fitbarre into your Friday evening, you’ll be reaping big rewards for the rest of your weekend. I’ve compiled a brief list of the biggest obstacles to a Friday night workout and how you might work around them. Stop making excuses.

  • The party animal. Consider you are going out for a night on the town. Most movers and shakers don’t get going to their events until later in the night. A class at 6:00 provides you ample time to change and get to class after work. You’re finished at 7:00 and you still have hours left to eat something healthy, shower, and get spruced up for your Friday festivities. The bonus is that your self-confidence has grown. You can feel sassy in your party clothes baring some skin and showing a little leg. And doesn’t feeling good about your self-image always make any night of the week more fun?
  • The overwrought parent. Perhaps you’ve got a house full of kids and it honestly isn’t that easy to sneak away at this time. Maybe you have a friend you can introduce to the fitbarre method. Perhaps the two of you can trade off Friday slots for watching kids and working out. There is also the inconvenient fact of the timing of the dinner hour. Maybe you can fire up a crockpot recipe that morning or the previous night. Then if you’re in the studio toning your buns, your oldest kid or your partner can handle the dinnertime routine. What’s the saying … if momma’s not happy, no one’s happy? Well a happy mom who feels strong and fit is a complete part of a happy family dynamic.
  • The Friday couch potato. There is another camp of ladies who could be well served to make it to the 6:00 Friday class. I’m in this camp. We’re the ones in the gray zone of not having that wild of a Friday night but also not having kids. Perhaps Friday is our lazy day. Sometimes, we’re just exhausted after a full work week. All the more reason to shed your work clothes, don your black pants and drag yourself to a class. You’ve got the rest of the night to sit around and watch TV or figure out what your dinner plans are. Can’t all of that wait until 7:00? Didn’t Tracy mention that fitbarre can do some wonders for your sex life? If it’s just you and your partner having a low key weekend night, why not rev it up? Get your fanny into the studio and then come home and see where the night leads!

If you’re looking to shake up your weekend routine, aim to get to BodyFit for the Friday class. You’ll feel proud of yourself. You’ll feel good about your exercise ethic. You will be more prepared to attack your weekend, whatever plans you might have. Start your weekend right!


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