We raise the barre to produce the best results for your body!

The background on Bev, our bootcamp superstar!

What’s your fitness background?

I have been a certified personal trainer for five years from a governing body in Canada, CanFitPro. I was an indoor/outdoor bootcamp trainer in Toronto for two years before we moved to the U.S. where I started training the bootcamp at Body Fit in 2008. I was a competitive runner as a teenager, competing on a national and international level from the age of 13. I earned a full four-year scholarship at an NCAA Division 1 school in Kansas running cross country and indoor and outdoor track. From there I started to run marathons and half marathons. After having children, it was such a great fit to become a trainer and help other people improve their health and get into great shape…something I love doing!

How did you become affiliated with BodyFit?

I was actually just shopping for Lululemon clothes!! Coming from Canada where Lululemon originated, I had fallen in love with their workout clothes a couple years prior. When a friend told me there was a place in downtown Northville that sold Lululemon, I was there before you know it! From there, I met Lizz and tried some of the fitbarre classes, (which I loved) and thought that a bootcamp program would be a great complement to the class offerings at the studio.

Do you have any new ideas for routines or moves that you will be introducing this year?

Every workout is a new idea. I design each workout to compliment the last one and I monitor how everyone is feeling and what we need to do to move on. You will never do the same workout twice in the month and although we may do some of the same exercises I am always changing up the formats in order to shock your body and keep your muscles and metabolism guessing.

What is “Bev’s ab routine” that your bootcampers say is super tough but yet incredibly effective?

The majority of exercises that we do in class use multiple muscle groups and joints which also require you to engage your ab muscles. This means that the abs are being worked almost the entire time during the hour in a non conventional way, ie: not just regular sit ups. We do a short ab section at the end of each workout and I have designed a 10 minute ab routine that clients can do on their own at home, if they want to. I am always educating my clients on why we do each exercise and what types of things we can be doing at home to continue to progress. This helps them get a better understanding of the benefits of bootcamp training and helps them to continue to improve!

Work those planks, ladies!


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